Iran History

And IRAN was there in the beginning, inhabited by civilizations great and small, each leaving a deep impression on the land and its people. 9000 year old mounds of the plain of Khuzestan, ancient mounds of central, northwestern and northeastern, as well as central IRAN, are but a few of such examples.

From these the oldest known painted pottery in the world and the earliest metal artifacts have been excavated, all bearing witness to the ingenuity and competence of their creators, and presenting a rich and diverse variety unique to IRAN. 

Modern IRAN offers a chance to visit the ancient mounds across the country, monuments such as the largest remaining Ziggurat in the world, that of Chogha Zanbil from the 13th century BC, the greatest architectural achievement of the first Persian Empire, Persepolis, from the 6th Century BC, remains of monuments from the second Persian Empire, and a host of world class monuments from the Islamic era, reaching its zenith in Safavid Isfahan.

Iran Georgraphy


IRAN is a huge country of 1,648,000 square Kilometers with varying ecosystems. From the tropical Caspian shore with its rice and tea plantations, to the oilfields and sugar cane fields of Khuzestan; from the orchards and wheat fields of the province of Azerbaijan, to the deserts of Kavir and Lut with their oasis towns; from the central arid plateau, to the snowcapped Zagros and Alburz mountains – IRAN is a land of extraordinary contrasts. The mountains are cold in the winter, the deserts hot in the summer, yet in spring and autumn there is no more beautiful a place on earth. Carpets of wild flowers are everywhere; little villages extend a shy welcome. This truly is God’s own land.

The beauty and variety of scenery to be found throughout IRAN is simply second to none. In addition to the natural splendors, you are very likely to see nomadic tribes in many parts of the country. IRAN has the world’s largest population of nomads, the majority of whom still live and dress in their traditional ways.
The wealth of Islamic architecture found all over IRAN makes the entire country a world heritage site. Minarets and domes glitter in the distance and almost all the sites can be visited and enjoyed at leisure. Spiritual serenity and architectural perfection abound in this country of poets, artists and philosophers.