Iran Time Zone

Time Difference

Time in Tehran is three and half-hours ahead of GMT. After you have set your watch to the local time, you should bear in mind that when you are having your breakfast in Tehran, people in Western Europe are sound asleep. Consider this when making long distance phone calls. Depending from where you have come, it may be too late or too early for making a phone call or expecting one. In Iran the clocks are set an hour ahead every spring (On Farvardin 1st , March 20) for six month. The time difference between Iran and some important cities of the world is:




Amestrrdam -2:30   Krachi +30 Min.
Athens -1:30 Kuala Lapmur +3:30
Beijing +3:30 Kuwait -1:30
Bombay +1 London -3:30
Brussels -3:30 New York -8:30
Damascus -1:30 Paris -2:30
Dubai -30 Min. Rome -2:30
Frankfurt -2:30 Sydney +7:30
Istambol -1:30

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